Case Study: Sunshine & Sonshine Sports

This Bouncy Castle Rental Business Got a 169% Revenue Increase From Their Website Developed By iMarket

Sunshine & Sonshine Sports ( wanted to grow their business…and the website we built for them delivered an increase of 169% revenue from the previous year!

The Problem: How does a small business grow revenue in a competitive niche without spending lots of money on wasteful advertising?

Sunshine & Sonshine Sports provides equipment and services to brighten up any event, such as bouncy castles, water slides and games. Owner Kemraj Boodram wanted to expand his small business and compete with some of the larger players in this very competitive niche in Trinidad & Tobago.

Medieval Marketing

He previously marketed his business mainly through referrals. His marketing materials consisted of pictures of his games and equipment color printed on regular A4 paper and a business card.

He knew that his materials were medieval and he needed a website to compete and grow.

The Solution: We Built A Website Google Loves

A website would provide a whole new sales channel for Kemraj, other than referrals. It would centralize his marketing efforts and be more effective than printing brochures, since he could update his site frequently and cheaply.

It would speed up the sales process since prospects would already be able to see all his equipment and would call him to discuss price and availability. The website would help his small business look like a professional outfit.

Kemraj provided us with his business card as well as documentation about his services, past clients and lots of images. We took those items and turned them into a website that visitors would immediately know when they landed, that they were at the right place and that Kemraj would bring the happiness they wanted.

The website iMarket built had an appropriate look-and-feel, lots of images and was optimized for search engines. (This is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO in the web design business).

People were using search engines like Google to find businesses that rented bouncy castles in Trinidad. Within the first month after launch, the Sunshine & Sonshine Sports website had high, first-page rankings for most of the phrases people would use to find businesses like his.

This is new business he got specifically because he had a website people could find using a search engine.

Here's What The Owner Has To Say

Within the first month I had that website, I made 5 times what I spent on it! It was the best investment I ever made in my business. A Trinidadian woman who lives abroad and is coming back home for her family vacation found my business online and has booked me for a birthday party in August.”

Here are the No-BS Numbers

Statistics: April 2010 – March 2011 for

  • 5,900% ROI on website
  • 169% revenue increase over the year April 2009 – March 2010
  • 315 absolute unique visitors in 12 months
  • approx. 200 calls from website visitors
  • approx. 150 new customers directly attributable from website
  • 71% of total traffic to the site came from search engines
  • 57% of all visits to the site came from Google – the top single traffic source
  • Top 3 key phrases used to find website on search engines: “bouncy castle trinidad”, “bouncy castle rental in trinidad”, “bouncy castles in trinidad”
  • 106 different key phrases used to land on website

This could be YOUR business

These results are real. This is what Kemraj was able to achieve with a small budget and only a website. Imagine what your business can achieve with a broad internet marketing strategy, integrating a website, great content, email marketing, social media and PR.

Contact iMarket to talk about a strategy for making your business an internet marketing star in your industry, just like we were able to do for Kemraj and Sunshine & Sonshine Sports.

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