Portfolio: Professional Inspection Services Ltd

One of iMarket’s earliest Trinidad web design clients, Professional Inspection Services Ltd knew they needed to get a website just to compete with other providers in this small but very competitive niche.

Version 1.0 saw PISL’s website maintain top 3 rankings on Google’s search results for relevant, competitive phrases like “Trinidad NDT services”. Their old website worked to get them business from home and abroad.

iMarket also provides them with their business email for 15 employees and ongoing email and website support.

In 2017, Version 2.0 of their website was completed with a more modern look-and-feel, and that does an even better job of persuading prospective clients that PISL is the right choice, in a more difficult economic environment in which they operate.

The new website also contains a Client Area, where PISL’s clients can login to view password-protected content.

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