Trinidad Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing in Trinidad & Tobago is simple, affordable and it works!
Get it from Trinidad digital marketing company, iMarket.

Why Should You Be Using Email Marketing in Trinidad & Tobago?

It boosts communication with your customers, building loyalty and recall. You already meet face-to-face and call customers. Its easy to add a structured email campaign in the mix.

Email converts better than social media like Facebook Pages.

Its easy to refer to other people. Email Maketing messages are easy pass on to other colleagues by just hitting the “Forward” button.

Its extremely cheap and the return could be exponential. An email campaign to all your customers costs a fraction of the money and time it takes to call or meet with them all…or an advertising campaign.

Its measurable and trackable, unlike radio, television and newspaper.

Most importantly, your competitors are NOT using Email Marketing. You can use it to get ahead of them and gain market share.

What Can You Do With Email Marketing?

Here are the easiest ways we recommend you get started with email marketing:

Be seen as the expert in your field with a regular monthly industry newsletter.

Reward customers with limited time special offers and coupons sent via email

Boost recall and loyalty with timely messages about your products and services.

Grow customers by sending offers to leads in your marketing database to persuade them to make a first-time purchase

How Does iMarket Help You?

iMarket helps businesses to start using email marketing, using their own internal customer or prospect database.

If you don't already have your own database of customer email addresses, we show you how to build one, and to use it to begin marketing through email.

We help you set-up email marketing with the use of an Email Service Provider and your own business email address. We highly recommend Mailchimp.

What We Do Not Do

iMarket does not collect lists of email addresses in Trinidad & Tobago to share, rent or sell.

We do not provide email blast services.

If this is the type of email marketing service you are interested in, unfortunately iMarket is unable to assist you...but we would be happy to discuss how we can help you to build your own list, instead of spamming people.

Get Email Marketing Services from iMarket.